My Trip to Japan, August 2000

Once again, I decided to "go home" by visiting Japan on August 2000. My brother joined me after his business trip in Singapore two days after I arrived in Tokyo. While waiting for his arrival, I spent almost the whole day at Akihabara trying to visit as many stores as possible, and next day, took the Shinkansen to visit the Toyota Museum with all the classic cars. After my brother arrived, we took a train ride along the western face of Mount Fuji by way of Kofu, and looked for good eats in Tokyo every night. We were planning to do some hiking but the weather didn't cooperate - maybe next time.
Toyota Vitz, at the Beach

Once again, I decided to rent a car from Toyota Rent-a-Lease, to enjoy
some driving. This time, My brother and I decided to drive eastward from
Tokyo, to Kujukuri-Hama, a stretch of beach that's about 100 km
(~60 miles) long on the Pacific Ocean side of Boso Peninsula. It's actually
directly east of Narita Airport, which we drove past. On our way out of
Tokyo, we got stuck in traffic for nearly two hours - not fun at all.

Lighthouse at Inubosaki

Inubosaki, or Point Inubo is at the northern tip of Kujukuri-hama, jutting
out to the Pacific. You can also get here by rail, taking the Choshi Railroad.
The view of the Pacific Ocean surrounding us was excellent. During good
weather, you can see the lighthouse from the airplane if you are flying
east from Narita - I saw it on my way home to San Jose.

Surf Crashing the Rocks at Inubosaki

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